Miguel Ablaza



UX/UI Designer


NVR, Inc.


Mobile App

At NVR, customers only have two channels for submitting tickets. I proactively proposed a mobile app that would make it more convenient for the customer to submit a problem ticket. This was an opportunity I saw for the company to not only show my ambition and drive, but also as an advocate for the user experience. Due to confidentiality reasons, this project is not in great detail.

My Role

I tasked myself with proposing an app to compliment our web/mobile customer portal that should enhance the way our user submits their tickets.

The different types of homeowners that deal with our portal. Each one with a different opinion.

Research and Challenge

Due to the overall usability of the web portal, many homeowners have trouble submitting their online requests, and opt to submit their tickets through the phone. Also, many homeowners submit tickets that can have the potential to be resolved with a customer portal holding all their relevant information they are inquiring about.

With this information, how could we limit the amount of tickets coming in?


The answer was to create an app that included ticket submission along with any other information that could be used to give the homeowner assistance at the palm of their hands. This would limit the amount of tickets that came in by solving the problem before it is submitted.

Snapshots of page showing the simplicity of the app, but with all the information the homeowner would need.

The layers of the ticket submission feature.

The log-in used that can register Touch ID for a quicker task.

Follow Up

I presented the app, along with all the findings I gathered by collaborating research with one of our business analysts, and it was met with positivity. They wanted to open up the first official UX/UI position at NVR for me, but I was fortunate enough to already have accepted another offer before that could come to fruition. I don’t know what the future holds, but I hope they are able to use my design as a foundation. I believe it can truly assist the user in a way the current system cannot.